Who is epic monk?

A monk represents patience, solidarity and discipline. Epic surpasses the usual or ordinary, particularly in scope or size, going for the extra mile. The fusion of these two contradictory elements gives birth to the balanced force of powerful virtues.

What we do?

Web Design

Website is the face of your company. And we can make you look irresistible.


An effective ERP solution can optimize your company resources and bring forth a new level of productivity!


For a relatively small investment, a company can get years of visibility, with thousands of potential consumers viewing the ad each day.

Theatre Ads

Give your message the impact it deserves by advertising on the BIG SCREEN.

Radio Ads

Go the conventional way! If you want to get your brand on the radio, we make it happen no matter the size of your budget or brief.


Create a brand for your company that reflects your personality and unique story.


Your customers are looking for you. We make sure you are first on their search.


Marketing to internet users through natural search engine result page listings and paid advertising placement can boost online presence.

Social Media

We let our clients take advantage of our expertise In Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and tumblr.

Mobile Apps

Let people carry you in their pockets.

Clients, we call them masters!

We treat our masters and people who work with us like Rockstars!

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